Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bohtimore: Oh Boy, What a City

For the long weekend, I was invited by my sister Katie to head down to Baltimore, Maryland and visit a few friends. I had such a good time, I figured I'd share some of my trip's experiences! I really couldn't capture the beauty of this amazing city, but I tried! I hope you enjoy!

Note! If you are unaware like I was, National Bohemian Beer is a huge part of Baltimore culture and it's all over the place! Hence the play on words in the title of this post ;)

Our lovely hostess, Natalie, lives in Fells Point. It's full of friendly people and has a great bar scene! It's also right on the water!

Our first night out we went to Nacho Mama, a local favorite. My sister Katie (left) and Natalie (right) introduced me to "hubcap" margaritas. YUM!

The next day we took a walk to the more touristy section of Baltimore, the inner harbor. The smoke stack building is actually a Barnes and Noble!

The city was so full of character. Here's an old boat that was sitting right on the deck.

A little farther down, we came across a small light house

The view from the lighthouse, overlooking the harbor

We ended our trip for the day overlooking the harbor from Federal Hill

Overall, I had an amazing time!! It's a city like no other, with historical features, a waterfront view and a great night life! If you're in the Fell's Point area, make sure to check out Cat's Eye Pub. They play amazing music every day of the week and was named one of Baltimore's top 25 bars by Baltimore Magazine!

Have any trips you'd like to share? Let me know!


  1. Hey Maggie, really nice post. I like how you have mostly pictures and not much writing.

    I have many trips to share, but am way too lazy to make a blog like this. Keep doing this, it's really cool.

    -Ed (matt's friend)

  2. Thanks Eddie! I appreciate it! :)